Many years ago, when I was preparing for my first homebirth (2nd child), I felt like I was being “called” to let people know about the experience I was having. I was younger and more optimistic about people’s willingness to receive my newfound knowledge. While I know how valuable my experience was, my family and some others in my life thought I was crazy, brave beyond belief, etc. In the years since, I have talked to some people about what I have learned, but the people I cared about the most did not heed my advice. I still feel badly that I have not been able to help women to have better births. The standard in America is very negative. It is no wonder our society fears it so much. It also seems strange to me that random strangers were more willing to accept my knowledge than people who knew me. Blogging is a way to further share my experiences without writing a book most people won’t want to read.

Birth is just one of the subjects that I feel I have knowledge and insight to offer. I come from a family that analyzes everything. My purpose here is to share some of my thoughts, if only to get them out where others can see them, too. Maybe then they will not continue to go around and around in my own head. And frankly, I can be honest without having to worry about someone’s feelings being hurt. Some things need to be said.

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