Hillary the Choice of Democrats?-NOT

It has been a while since I have paid much attention to what the media says. For quite some time it has been about propaganda, not reality. Propaganda that is more and more being foisted upon us by corporations that have a Republican agenda.

It comes as no surprise that the media’s choice for Democratic Presidential Candidate is Hillary Clinton. She and her husband are big supporters of corporations and beneficiaries of corporate money. It also is no surprise that she is the Republican favorite for the Candidacy (although highly ironic considering the outpouring of hatred towards her during Bill Clinton’s terms and for more than a year afterwards).

For all those wanting a real change in the direction of this country, she will not be the preferred Candidate. If you look at what people are saying through the Blogosphere, she is not even in the running. So forget what big media wants to cram down our throats. I’m not buying it. I am not willing to guess who will come out on top, but just about any Democratic Candidate is better than her. For a change in direction, we need a real Candidate-not one controlled by pundits and corporate mentality.

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