Presidential Candidates

The New Hampshire Debates on Jan 5th were, I would have to say, the only ones I have ever enjoyed. It was better to have some discussion among candidates instead of only question and answer. It is also the only time I did not end up furious with the Republicans by the end. (Despite that, Ron Paul is the only Republican I would even consider voting for at this point). It also struck me as odd that Dennis Kucinich had been left out since I was sure he did not quit.

Of the Democrats, I got the sense that with any of them (a possible exception of Hillary Clinton) we would be headed in a more positive direction. The most change would likely occur with John Edwards since he seems to be ready to take on the corporations which I think is necessary if we are to avoid an economic collapse (not just recession). Also, Barak Obama has moderated his statements as he has become a contender, as far as big media is concerned. I am not sure where he stands or how much has been just speeches.

After the debates I looked online to see if there were any further news (Sat and Sun). I found interviews by Bill Moyers with both Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul who have been left out of debates. Both say they are being left out because they have expressed opposite views to what media calls the frontrunners (despite internet polls showing Kucinich and Paul leading). I also learned that all 4 Democrats at the NH debate have received money from Disney who owns the network holding the debate (ABC). I further found that despite Edwards coming in 2nd in the Iowa caucus the media was not talking about him at all (still showing Clinton as the 2nd choice). You may have noticed that for the past year the media has shown Hillary as the favorite despite the internet polls and comments against her.

I am sure that she is capable of leading and concerned about our country, but I am also sure that we would have the least change of course with her rather than another Democrat. She does have powerful corporate friends, and she would be working toward change within the corporate-controlled status quo. Not enough change and very slowly. Again, our economy is in the shape it is in because of the greed of these same corporations.

I believe if we do not have major change we will have a stockmarket crash similar to that of 1929. This time the average citizen’s savings/retirement is based on stocks. If it falls, not only does the whole of my generation (40s) and younger lose our retirements (and possibly homes), but also those already collecting will lose everything, too. This time our average citzen does not know how to grow his/her own food, so we will also likely have starvation at a level we have certainly not seen since the Depression (possibly ever in the US). Despite the talk of recession, the oil prices are still going up (again with record profit). The inflation we have been experiencing is a direct result of the already inflated oil prices. Their greed knows no bounds.

So, yes, we need major change, and it is highly irritating that our politics is being so greatly influenced by corporate-owned media. To the point that we cannot even hear the discourse of ALL of the candidates. What it comes down to is this: do you want to be told who to vote for or do you want to make a thoughtful decision on your own (as is appropriate for a democracy)?

Don’t be satisfied with what corporate media tells you. All of the candidates have websites. All have news you can find with an internet search. YouTube is also a great source for searching since you can hear them speaking-speeches and spontaneous. Ignore the polls and prior primaries. Learn about the candidates and make a decision yourself. Vote in your primary or caucus. We can all make a difference. We do not have to have the media (spin) choice.

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