WTH Is Going On With Our Elections

My son happened to see on REDDIT last night that there will be a recount for the NH Democratic primary. Possibly for the Republicans as well. We had seen just after the primary that there was justifiable concern that voting had been tampered with through Diebold voting machines.

After learning this, I found that Michigan had had their primary,  but the Democatic Party is rescinding their delegates because they voted on a nonapproved date. I also noticed their results are bizarre. They’re showing Hillary as having 55% of the vote which I doubt is possible and no numbers for Obama or Edwards (also not believable). The Party in Nevada had tried to exclude Kucinich again from the debate (changing their requirements). They gave in after a lawsuit, but I missed it anyway. Wouldn’t you think this should be headline news! I am astounded by what is happening. I have had doubts for a while about the validity of our elections, but it seems to me now we need to be asking how long have our elections been fixed, not whether they have been.

This year is one of the most important elections in our history. People WILL be out in droves to vote. If we continue to see evidence of vote tampering, it won’t just be the economy collapsing.  We won’t need to worry about terrorists; our country will implode. What is wrong with our politicians and government that they cannot see this? How can they be so obsessed with power and money that they would be willing to destroy our country?

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