Hillary’s Desperate Attempt to Steal the Nomination

November is too far away to know the effect Hillary’s negative campaigning will have on the election. I cannot tell you how frustrated I am with her desperate attempts. Her constant bashing of Obama who is AT LEAST her equal. Obama has fended off her attacks almost every time in a positive way, as if she were an equal. There are plenty of nasty things to bring up about her and her husband, but he has not resorted to that behavior.

He now looks to me to be the only real choice. And what a choice he is. We haven’t had such a great candidate for change in half a century. I recognize that he would not be likely to be elected in less difficult times. That’s okay; the same was true of Lincoln.

One of the things that irritates me is the media’s and Clinton campaign’s determination to make this about race. Talk of demographics, which now seems to be the crux of her campaign, fuels the racist fires. Having grown up in Texas (which oddly enough went Obama), I know how serious this issue can be. But here’s the thing, don’t we all stand to lose if/when the economy crashes? Do you think McCain would do anything to help? He admits he doesn’t even understand the economy!!! Do you believe Hillary is much different from McCain? Hillary whose husband was a part of sending jobs overseas? How much you want to bet she is also taking money from Exxon/Mobil?

If you listen to what Obama has to say, you can’t help but see he’s got an excellent grasp of the problems we face and what we can do to face them. He’s speaking directly to the people about the crises we all face. His candidacy is the only thing that has given me hope this spring (as the gas price went up 70 cents in 2 months). He’s talking about issues, and Hillary and McCain are both playing politics.

Talking about demographics, the media is trying to say that Obama supporters would be fine with Hillary winning. Maybe 3 months ago that would have been true, before she tried to make him sound like he is “unelectable,” despite the fact that she has been losing all this time. Now, if she manages to steal the nomination, I may just have to write-in Obama. Do you think Obama could be the only Pres to win as a write-in candidate?

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